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Learn about the events, news and information that are important to you and your community. BBBGrapevine.org is a free information service that posts and distributes announcements and alerts about community activities and consumer issues which are crucial to our consumers and their families. We invite you to join any of our information-sharing communities listed below to receive regular email messages regarding your specific interest category (click here to join our mailing list). By subscribing to BBBGrapevine.org, you will soon be receiving important information which will allow you to be a more informed and educated consumer.
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Events, Activities, News & Information

For the Senior Community

Remain current on events and alerts through our unique community email bulletin service connecting older adults, families, caregivers, and industry professionals in the Southern Piedmont region of North and South Carolinas. Information focusing on our older adults will be shared on a regular basis which will assist you in your day-to-day activities as well as future decisions.

Events, Activities, News & Information

For the Active Military, Veterans, Reservists, & Families

Information on consumer issues and community activities specific to the military will be distributed on a regular basis through our unique community email bulletin service allowing for the military individuals and their families to remain informed on important events, consumer alerts, and marketplace concerns.

Events, Activities, News & Information

For the Spanish-Speaking Community

On a regular basis, information on consumer issues, community activities and services, and consumer fraud alerts will be provided to our Latino population through our unique community email bulletin service. You will remain involved and be kept aware of important issues related to information and education in the community and marketplace.

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